PLAYING THE BAY: Ivy Jeanne Is Not For Sale

Ivy Jeanne wears many hats. Political femme activist, lead singer of Black Rainbow, muralist, and longtime San Francisco resident, are just a few ways to describe her momentum and dedication to our local community. We chat on Clarion Alley, in front of her very own mural (influenced by the controversial Dropbox soccer field incident in 2014).

Jeanne talks about her experiences touring and organizing activist work around a central ideal that “THIS CITY IS NOT FOR SALE.” Much like the message of her mural, Ivy Jeanne’s art fights for folks who stand up against gentrification. In recent years, Jeanne has also participated as an artist and coordinator in collaboration with Rebecca Solnit, Erick Lyle, Sarah Schulman and more to release Streetopia, an anthology detailing a vision for the future of San Francisco.

Check out our interview with her below to hear more about her.

PLAYING THE BAY: Michelle Zhu Finds Peace of Mind

On a sun-kissed afternoon in San Francisco’s Mission district, we met up with Michelle Zhu at Clarion Alley. As we sat along the stretch of “socially engaged and aesthetically innovative public art” painted by local artists, we chatted about her current projects and plans for the future. Inspired by Maya Angelou’s book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Zhu packed her bags in January and booked a one-way flight to San Francisco. The 15 hour flight from Brisbane, Australia meant there was no turning back. Only four months since her arrival, she has already made waves in her local community as a multi-disciplinary femme artist of color, organizing an art and music showcase, Femme and Them, to benefit TGI Justice Project in support of current and formerly incarcerated trans women. Check out our interview with her below to hear more about her forthcoming cassette from Take Care Tapes.

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