TRACK REVIEW: Sia “Big Girls Cry”



I sometimes forget just how much I love Sia. Then she puts some new music out into the universe and the feels just come flooding back to me. The Australian songstress could really do no wrong in my eyes, and I can hardly contain my excitement over the release of her sixth album, 1000 Forms of Fear, available July 8th. As a preview of what to expect on her new album, the immensely talented singer has shared another single, titled “Big Girls Cry.” The track is reminiscent of Some People Have Real Problems-era Sia and is nothing short of awesome.

Despite achieving mainstream success via collaborations with everyone from Christina Aguilera to Eminem to Celine Dion, as well as penning one of the most heartbreaking songs of the 2000s that you just couldn’t escape, “Breathe Me,” Sia has always held onto her eccentric vibe. It’s well worth noting that she also puts on one hell of a vibrant live show. Sung in her raspy, breathy voice, Sia’s lyrics have a way of pulling deep empathy out of a listener. If you don’t believe me, just listen to “Lullaby” from Some People and let me know how it goes.

That Sia’s back catalogue might leave you feeling like you’ve just had your heart ripped out (whether you have or not) is fine, really, especially with the delivery of “Big Girls Cry.” It’s Sia’s gift of absolution, a reminder from the artist herself that it’s always okay to let out a big, ugly cry, no matter what Fergie told you in 2007.  It’s also a big “up yours” to all those in the music industry and beyond who keep telling women to toughen up. Sia charmingly reassures us that you can be a big girl and still break down in uninhibited vulnerability, especially when your heart is breaking. And if Sia tells you that it’s okay to cry, then it’s gotta be okay. In some ways, that stance is a lot tougher than stifling emotions and sucking it up.

I won’t confirm nor deny whether the song actually made me cry – maybe I just had something in my eye – but you can check it out for yourself below, totally unafraid of judgement should you feel the need to weep. If you pre-order 1000 Forms of Fear on iTunes, you get an instant download of “Big Girls Cry,” and that’s certainly nothing to be upset about.