PLAYING THE BAY: DJ Lil Waifu the Lightworker

Armed with leather straps and anime references, Jasmine Justo (a.k.a DJ Lil’ Waifu) creates mixtapes that heal souls and unequivocally embrace all the emotions. In this interview, catch Lil’ Waifu’s realness in the way she talks about her sadness, sexuality, and sending soundwaves to outerspace, as well as her experiences navigating the music industry among male musicians.

This is one small step for womankind in the Bay Area and one large step for Global Thotties™ – a community she started with her cohort DJ Arumi for women to celebrate their womanhood in whatever type of way they want to express it.

Check out interview below to hear more about what Lil Waifu is up to.

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