PLAYING DETROIT: White Bee Adds Neo-Soul Buzz to “Beat State”

The term neo-soul has been popping up around the Detroit music scene more and more frequently these days. Used to describe a blend of R&B, soul and non-traditional inclusions of jazz and hip-hop, neo-soul is becoming more of an overall aesthetic than just a sonic nuance. And no one embodies this quite like foursome White Bee. Their latest track “Beat State” may be difficult to peg to one genre, but is an easy-to-swallow blend of creamy jazz vocals and tenderized percussive arrangements paired together for a perfectly patient concoction. Shannon Barnes  (Guitar/Vocals), Alex Niemi (Drums), Michael O’Brien (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Scott Ryan (Keys) together create a serene, textural velveteen on “Beat State” – a little Tame Impala smoothness, a hint of vocal climbing a la Feist, and a dash of new John Mayer, White Bee is a unique and delightful grab-bag of good vibes.

Lay it on thick with White Bee’s “Beat State” below:

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