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Tis’ the season for the summer festival! Hosted by Detroit’s own Seraphine CollectiveBFF Fest is an inclusive safe space and special slice of summer love created to celebrate the diverse talents of Detroit’s creative community. With an inspired curation of artists and a consciousness aimed to build a more supportive music scene, BFF Fest is a progressive and inviting celebration that strives to make connections between the underrepresented individuals, music and identities. And just as important as the mad posi vibes, the lineup is bursting with the perfect sounds for an eternal Detroit summer! Not in Detroit? No problem! Rally your besties, spark up the barbecue and soak into summer with our BFF Fest playlist!

1. Best Exes: “Blessing” 

The concept of having a best ex is pleasantly perplexing and the threesome Best Exes is a shimmery reflection of a love that lingers past the expiration date.

2. Junk Food Junkies: “Takeout Chinese”

Kitschy, cute and nihilistic lo-fi babes, Junk Food Junkies, write songs about the sweet, the savory and the bullshit of daily life. For a band with songs about pizza bagels, Chinese takeout and Faygo soda there is a depth that speaks volumes of the plight of the millennial, just with more pizza. Lots of pizza.

3. The Freebleeders: “Problematic Faves”

Remember the things you loved as a kid/teenager/adult? Well, they’re probably rooted in misogyny , racism, sexism and other examples of unethical evil and The Freebleeders are here to remind you and struggle with you by sharing their “Problematic Faves.”  Dark, yes. But this brutally thoughtful track is still summer ready with a biting tongue.

4. Bonny Doon: “Summertime Friends”

Moody and sedated, “Summertime Friends” echoes and climbs with a melancholic malaise that is treated with medications of the party variety. Take a midday beach nap on a lovers lap to this track and let the sun burn the space around your stolen sunglasses.

5. Deadbeat Beat: “When the Sun Soaks in”

This retro, surf-punk track is reminiscent of The Kinks with its jutting pop bounciness and droning vocal timbre. Suited for beach ball tossing or post-breakup flirtation, Deadbeat Beat has their pulse on your summer feels.

6. Jes Kramer: “Something”

Grand Rapids (near the pinky of our lovely Michigan Mitten) based singer-songwriter babe Jes Kramer creates deeply personal, emotive tracks that will make summer folks ask you if you’re sweating or crying. Intricately layered with raw lyrical power, Kramer lovingly takes us back to the day where we listened to The Postal Service and day dreamt through closed windows.


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