NEWS ROUNDUP: Courtney Barnett, The Pixies, & Phone Controversy


  • Courtney Barnett Debuts Video For “Elevator Operator”

    “Elevator Operator” tells the story a protagonist who dreams of leaving a boring office job- one where he’s “idling insignificantly”- for what he considers to be a more fulfilling life as an elevator operator. In the video, Courtney Barnett plays a bored elevator attendant who encounters a wide variety of characters during her work day: Sleater-Kinney, Jeff Tweedy, dancing nuns, vampires, wacky scientists and more. It ends with a rooftop concert à la The Beatles. Check it out:

  • The Pixies Announce New Album, Single

    The Pixies have announced a new 12 song album, Head Carrier, and released its first single, “Um Chagga Lagga.” The sound is a little darker than what you expect from their previous work, but still full of the same frantic energy. After parting with Kim Deal in 2013, and then Kim Shattuck(The Muffs), the Pixies’ current bassist is Paz Lenchantin (A Perfect Circle, Zwan, and the Entrance Band). What is an Um Chagga Lagga? Why is it on the side of the road? Listen below to find out.

  • Do Cell Phones & Live Music Mix?

    You’re one of two people in this world: Person A, who spends every second of a concert taking selfies, filming the band that, snapping pictures and only interacting with their environment if it’s filtered through an iPhone lens. Or, you’re Person B, who is cursing Person A, because Person A insists on blocking their view by raising their phone-cradling arms above their head to capture every moment. I guess there’s also a Person C, who might snap a picture or two during crucial moments but isn’t as obsessed, but they probably don’t care about the current cell phone controversy: do artists, or others, have the right to force you to put the phone away during their performance?

    As NPR notes, Apple was granted a patent to create technology to “use infrared signals to forcibly disable cell phone cameras at specific locations, ie. concert venues and theaters.” Yondr is also developing a method, in the form of a pouch that would restrict access to phones for the duration of a performance. Good idea, or bad idea? Cast your vote here.


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