LIVE REVIEW: Jack and Eliza, Total Slacker, Miniature Tigers, Bear Hands

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An incredible line-up in an equally marvelous venue to complete a Wednesday night that felt more like a New Year’s Eve party—Music Hall of Williamsburg hosted a full ticket of four amazing musicians: Jack and Eliza, Total Slacker, Miniature Tigers, with headliners Bear Hands.

I was fascinated by Jack and Eliza’s reposed stage presence and I’ll be sure to check them out again at Pianos in June. They were the perfect beginning to my night, along with my whiskey sour. Abutting the duo was Total Slacker, and despite their name, they’ve actually caused quite a buzz. For a band that first sparked in a laundromat, its four members—Tucker Rountree, Zoe Brecher, and David Tassy, and Emily Oppenheimer—fit together famously. I had a chance to talk to Emily after the show, who revealed that her “biggest fan” (she’s the coolest mom ever) was there for support. And although she admitted to possessing an off-stage introverted personality, her shyness fractures at the sight of their audience.

Miniature Tigers were next, and it’s easy to fall in love with them—in my case, especially, since their debut album, Tell It to the Volcano, references Lost, which still stands as my favorite television series of all time. During the performance, Charlie Brand didn’t find it fit to just jive onstage; somewhere in-between “Cannibal Queen” and “Bullfighter Jacket,” he vaulted down into the audience. It was close, like the very sweat dripping down from his lifted temples onto my iPhone close.

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Met Ted Feldman of Bear Hands. The band was totally awesome, and proceeded after the show to grab a beer while Dylan smoked that after-show cigarette.
With Ted Feldman of Bear Hands. The band was totally awesome, and proceeded after the show to grab a beer while Dylan smoked that post-show cig.

With the riot that was Music Hall of Williamsburg on a Wednesday night, water basins were running low, and everyone was trying to get their last Jameson shots and beer pints in before Bear Hands. These guys are also super busy, currently touring all over the country into spring and summer. Ted Feldman, Val Loper, Dylan Rau, TJ Orscher make up the Brooklyn-based quartet. They have come a long way from opening up for Passion Pit, and they’ve even got a show in London coming up under their belts. “Agora” set off everyone in a haze, bonding over lit joints. Dylan switched from the keyboard and vocals to being center stage. A glaring blue and orange hue surrounded the band, making for a pretty good light show, too.

Although “Giants” is newly released, the audience was not timid to cause a ruckus. Even the calming lyrics, “Loving you more,” and guitar seemed to set everyone on fire. Bear Hands’ full length album was released off Cantora Records a week prior to the show, which could explain the amazing energy coming from the band. Bear Hands finished the night in the best way possible—leaving the audience wanting more. The good news is they’re touring the shit out of the US, so you can catch them in the upcoming months. Download their new album, Distraction, now available on iTunes.

In the meantime, Listen to “Giants” here via Soundcloud: