LIVE REVIEW: The Griswolds @ Warsaw


Tim John - Griswolds
Tim John of The Griswolds

When Australian indie-pop quartet The Griswolds took the stage to Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like A Woman,” I knew we’d be in for a fun night.

Opening with high-energy tracks like “Down and Out” and “If You Wanna Stay,” they set the stage for a high-energy performance.

“You better fucking sing along!” shouts lead singer Chris Whitehall, with flaming red hair and a slub knit sweater hanging freely off his shoulder. The dazzled crowd has no choice but to oblige.

Alongside their better known songs like “Right On Track” and “Beware the Dog,”  the band played a couple of new ones from the sophomore album currently in progress.  The first new song, “Get Into My Heart,” produced imperative screaming with lines like, “Get into my arms and into my home/Get out of your clothes and into my bed.”

Before premiering their second new track, “Role Models,” he first taught the audience how to sing along to the hook.  “We’ve got nothing to lose,” sang Whitehall. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” we followed.  Both tracks have a new dimension to them; the latter especially stood out compared to their more familiar songs, with a funk-inspired flavor.

And as a fun treat, we all got to sing “Happy Birthday” to drummer Lucky West before they closed with the classic “Heart of a Lion,” from their first EP.

Brooklyn’s Warsaw has a nice cinematic quality to it, and The Griswolds easily filled the air with bright energy.  On this Hotline Spring tour, the boys have undoubtedly gotten listeners pumped for a new record to come.


Chris Whitehall 1
Chris Whitehall of The Griswolds
Lucky West of Griswolds
Lucky West of The Griswolds

Photos by Gabby Salinardo.