VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The Naked and Famous, “i kill giants”

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Naked And Famous AF

You’d think The Naked and Famous would be too nice to proclaim they kill giants. Frontwoman Alisa Xayalith tweets in the sweetest fashion, not to mention the whole band seems undoubtedly awesome.  In November, TNAF had to cancel a show in Birmingham due to fellow bandmate, Thom Powers, falling ill. Alisa, @AlisaTNAF publicly showed her remorse towards fans and remained personal with them. And although Alisa is a self-proclaimed introverted pixie, she and fellow mates Thom Powers, Aaron Short, Jesse Wood and David Beadle show us some graceful rebellion (or supernatural possession?) in the new video for “i kill giants.”

Staged in what looks like a community church enclosed with jail-cell doors, two young girls perform what could be described as ballet. By the end, their all-grey eyes reveal something more dreadful and slightly demonic. Mirroring or complimenting each others dance moves, their all-white ensemble suggest an innocence in the church as they glide barefoot in white stockings. Ironically the lyrics muse, “Black dress and black shoes, tied laces for you,” perhaps symbolizing the life’s morbid underpinnings.  Differing significantly from their debut video, “Young Blood,” TNAF is showing us a darker, deeper agenda with these fallen angels.

Check out the prima ballerinas in “i kill giants” here: