TRACK PREMIERE: Yaysh “Wild One” (Madame Gandhi Percussion Edit)


L.A. based pop paragon Yaysh made a lasting impression when she recently dropped the R8DIO-produced “Wild One” via Young Hollywood. The initial single off of her upcoming record, it is a sweetly melodic track with glittering chart potential. The vulnerable pop song takes a dirty turn as Yaysh raps through the bridge. “Wild One” inspires listeners to dance, as the Shangri-Las would say, “close, very, very close.”

If the original cut is perfect for languidly swaying with a date, then Madame Gandhi’s percussion edit might make you break out in “Pon De Floor”-style daggering. Filled-out with dancehall inspired beats, Gandhi used a Caribbean soca beat as her foundation, making a feast of rhythm with staccato bongos and everyone’s favorite percussion instrument: the cowbell.

The percussion edit texturizes the track to the point that movement becomes involuntary while listening to it, hitting a node so primal within, that it’s no wonder the drum is the oldest instrument in human history. Yaysh commented in a press release: “‘Wild One’ is about passion, justice and just straight-up courage-” a fact that becomes all the more evident with the spicy new drum track supplied by Gandhi, whose approach to music is always unconventional.

Check out the Madame Gandhi Percussion Edit of “Wild One” below. I dare you to sit still.