PLAYING DETROIT: Wet+Paint Praise Diverse Crew on”Neapolitan”

With all of the thought-provoking, politically heavy music being released in the last year, it’s nice to come across a track once in a while that makes you forget about it all. Detroit-based DIY hip-hop group, Wet+Paint, give us some major reprieve in their music video for “Neapolitan.” The three-piece crew – made up of Sam Morykwas, Rahbi Hammond, and Troi Sharp – brings back an old-school, collaborative style of rapping that is meant purely to bring you a good time.

“Our music is fun – party to it, turn it all the way up in your car, forget about whatever BS is going on and feel good,” the group tells Audiofemme. The video, which Wet+Paint self-directed and produced, shows the trio doing exactly that. Shot on Belle Isle, Detroit’s version of Central Park, it follows Wet+Paint doing random shit, like rapping in the woods, standing on top of a moving car, and just having fun in general, tinted in an array of colors that the crew feels connected to.

As far as what spurred the song’s title, the group says the hook is a tribute to their diverse group of female friends. “The lyric ‘All the shawties in the crew Neapolitan’ is about the dope women in our squad of all different colors and backgrounds. You inspire us and we love y’all,” says Wet+Paint. Well, we can’t argue with that.

You can watch the full video below and listen to the full EP, CAUTION: Wet+Paintvia Soundcloud