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PLAYING DETROIT: Chandra Brings ‘Transportation’ EP to Third Man Records

Chandra Oppenheim was a one-of-a-kind type of child sensation. Unlike today’s child stars that come to fame because of their popularity among their peers (think Justin Bieber or JoJo), Oppenheim was revered in New York’s 1970s underground post-punk scene....

PLAYING DETROIT: The Gories Return!

Forged from the weightiness of post-war blues and the primally riotous audacity of 60’s garage punk, scuzz rockers, The Gories, return to their hometown of Detroit this Friday

PLAYING DETROIT: “I’m Feelin’ Mean” Playlist

I’m not okay. I’ve said this out loud and silently in mirrors at least a three hundred times over the past week. I’m. Feeling. Mean. Winter is hovering around like an unwanted party guest and I’ve exhausted pop radio’s...