TRACK OF THE WEEK: The Quiet Celebrations “Strange Jones”


New York-based indie artist The Quiet Celebrations (Carlos Ledesma) has released the first single off his third EP, and it’s one that will get you in touch with all of your emotions.

“Strange Jones” was produced by Will Berman of  MGMT who also played instruments on the track and added to the vocal arrangements. The song also features Brazilian guitar player Gabriel Marques.

It’s a lovely piece that is reminiscent of an enchanting lullaby; employing soft lyrics, graceful piano keys, and delicate guitar strums throughout. The song is perfectly arranged as the peaceful quietude builds up to a vocally focused, choir-like serenade that is eloquently backed by powerful instrumentals. After an impressive bridge, the song beautifully quiets down again, with a fading piano. This track is one to get lost in, intensifying whatever it is that you’re currently feeling.

Listen to “Strange Jones” in its entirety below, and keep an eye out for The Quiet Celebrations’ upcoming EP.