NEWS ROUNDUP: Leonard Cohen, The Election & Jessica Hopper


  • Leonard Cohen Dies at 82

    Piling onto a week we thought couldn’t get any worse, the family of Leonard Cohen announced yesterday that the singer had died at age 82. The poetry of his words, and the darkness and depth of his voice which be sorely missed, but at least we have decades of his work to remember him by. Like David Bowie, he recorded an album shortly before his death, You Want It Darker.

  • Read This: Jessica Hopper On The Future State Of Music

    “In the months leading up to the presidential election, there was a glib joke that journalists, musicians, and fans would default to. The silver lining to winding up with four years of Trump…is that music will be better: Punk will rise up, or maybe pop will deflate and get ‘real.’” Jessica Hopper shatters this cliched illusion by with a serious reality check, pointing out that many of our best artists fall into the groups a Trump presidency will actively harm, and asks, “If your favorite creators are made to feel even more unsafe…than they already were before this hateful prick came into office, why should we expect them to tour?” Read the whole article via MTV here.


A Brief Roundup OfMusical Responses To The Election

  • Run The Jewels’ ”2100”: Though it was scheduled to be released along with their upcoming Run The Jewels 3, this song is seeing the light of day earlier, for obvious reasons.
  • Charly Bliss’ “Turd”: As singer Eva stated on Facebook, “I wrote this song a year ago after I was catcalled repeatedly on my walk home from a guitar lesson… I wrote this song to make me feel like I had some power in a situation where I felt totally powerless, and we’re releasing it for the same reason.” All profits from Bandcamp will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

  • Black Lips’ “Deaf Dumb And Blind”: Short, to the point, and angry. The band stated that after learning of Tuesday’s results, they “felt like making an anarchy style punk song.”