PLAYING DETROIT: Shady Groves Releases Romantic Short Film “Stay Strange”

With their short film “Stay Strange,” Shady Groves gives us the love story we need – a sweetly cinematic tale of new lovers (that likely met by swiping right), refreshing in its lack of cynicism. The film bookends the title track with two other songs (“Me & You” and “Dysthymia”), resulting in a totally pure embodiment of the weightlessness of falling in love without expectation.

Via a mandolin couch serenade, the clumsy uncorking of wine bottles, and living room slow dancing, we are reminded of the quiet beginning of things. Like the suite of songs, the video (created by Elaine Smith) mirrors the anticipation and relief of blossoming romance without a shred of anxiety or sardonic disguise. The video’s red hue shifts into explosions of colors and shapes superimposed like a veil over footage of our adorably smitten twosome as they move from introductory hugs to L-shaped secret-swapping bed dwellers. A hybrid of several genres (and obvious inspiration from bands like The Lumineers), “Stay Strange” reminds us that intimacy is as simple (or as complicated) as looking at someone long enough to note the burst of color around their iris or tracing the outline of scars from childhood playground accidents. Intimacy is an invitation and Shady Groves make it feel pretty damn good. Clean off your couch and light a candle, we’ve got company.

Swoon with Shady Groves’ latest “Stay Strange” below, or stream their debut, Bitzer, via Bandcamp.