PLAYING DETROIT: Y La Bamba Bring Latin Folk to El Club

Instead of eating tacos and getting drunk on tequila like a dumb American this Saturday (which happens to be Cinco de Mayo), Detroit residents would be better off seeing Y La Bamba at El Club. Mexican-American singer-songwriter Luz Elena Mendoza has combined traditional Mexican folk music with atmospheric synths and experimental instrumentation to create a sound that is near transcendental. The Portland, Oregon-based artist’s most recent release, Ojos Del Sol, is a luminous call for self-discovery and actualization. Guided by Mendoza’s hypnotic, vocals, the record glides through peaks and valleys of sound and emotion, bringing the listener along with every song. 

While the album’s title track undoubtedly features Mendoza’s expansive vocal range and ear for haunting melodies, songs like “Libre” and “Nos Veremos” open doors for audience participation and feel like gathering around a towering bonfire on a cool summer night. The show will undoubtedly be an elevated spiritual experience and a chance to sing and dance with old and new friends. If you’re not in Detroit, check out a list of Y La Bamba’s tour dates and listen to Ojos Del Sol below.