PLAYING DETROIT: Blood Stone “Friends ‘Til the End”

Detroit’s DIY rock scene has developed a penchant for teenage nostalgia and candy-coated wickedness. Clumsy with playful misconduct, Blood Stone is the latest quartet to make lo-fi faux innocence their M.O. Their newest track, “Friends ‘Til The End” could be sweetly committed or in need of being committed as our sinister siren confesses she’ll “laugh so hard when the fire starts” while insisting that though they call her a witch she’s “not one of those.” Masked in fuzzy guitar and Strokes-esque percussion, Blood Stone hands over their proverbial red flags with an arsenic-laced cheek kiss, making “Friends ‘Til The End” seem just a touch too permanent.

B.F.F. is the new R.I.P. with Blood Stone’s latest below: