PLAYING DETROIT: Jacob Sigman Releases Sunny Sequel, Episode 2

This week, Detroit-based crooner Jacob Sigman released an upbeat and earnest follow-up up to his debut EP, Episode 1. Sigman wrote and produced the entirety of Episode 2, which fuses soul, pop, and funk to create his trademark heart-on-your-sleeve sound.

As a songwriter, Sigman has an undeniable knack for composing addictive hooks and sticking them with lyrics that roll off the tongue. The most glaring proof of this lies in “Honey Woo Hoo,” the EP’s dangerously catchy lead track. Sigman’s high register, lovestruck lyrics, and easy melodies call to mind the unscathed pep of early Beatles records – if they’d had access to a Justin Timberlake record in their formative years.

Sigman throws a surprise in the mix with “Let Me Lay You Down,” which starts off sounding like a ballad and transitions to a 70’s dance track. The break in this song feels like it could be straight off an ABBA record and is a charmingly unexpected pair with Sigman’s classic-sounding vocals. He continues to bring the funk in “Reminiscing,” a song with some serious Stevie Wonder vibes that somehow makes poring over photos of your ex sound fun.

In fact, one of the most attractive parts of Sigman’s music is the way it oozes positivity. Each song feels like a ray of sunshine reaching out through the speakers to brighten your damn day. It’s genuine and adorable and just quality, good-old-fashioned pop music. Listen below and be happy.