PLAYING DETROIT: Double Winter “XO, Skeleton”

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Dreamy, nostalgia-heavy four piece, Double Winter returns with the sugary and elusively heartbreaking track “XO, Skeleton” off their upcoming EP Watching Eye. The track sounds pleasantly unfinished, the production slightly tinny, the vocals wistful and monotone. “XO, Skeleton” doesn’t overthink and in doing so delivers a sweetly melancholic, hair-twirling, window-watching serenade. The hook “see you when you come back home” is, in context, is universally applicable. The ambiguity of the subject’s lovers distance and the duration of their stay could be as simple as hours, days or months and it could just as easily be in reference to the hypothetical never/someday. It isn’t until a little more than halfway through when the track strays from its straight line and swerves into a thrashing outburst that illustrates the inner chaos of having to wait for someone. The shift from patience to urgency is what makes “XO, Skeleton” a surprising pre-summer petit four.

Listen to the “XO, Skeleton” below:

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