VIDEO REVIEW: Pet Sun “Gimme Your Soul”

Pat Sun band

Toronto-area garage rockers Pet Sun released the excellent Feel Like I’m Going Away, their debut EP for Sleepless Records, last September. Now, there’s a new video for “Gimme Your Soul,” equally seizure-inducing and psychedelic.

The video flashes back with 90’s MTV illustration-style bats, flying eyeballs, pulsating brains, and splattered blood. Lasting just over a minute and a half, these Hamilton dudes give us a little look into their rockin’ performance on a roof : high energy, short, nothing sweet, yet a whiz-bang of craziness. “Gimme Your Soul” is a late-night television epileptic fit that makes it hard to look away. Heavy, trashy guitar (courtesy of Sam Rashid Stephane Senecal-Tremblay, who also handles insolent lead vocals), crashing drums from Parth Jain and Nic Arbour’s rollicking bass add to the visual stir of the band as they schlep gear around Hamilton’s streets, shove pizza in their faces, or goof off in the studio.

All in all, it’s a lysergic little window into what it’s like to be Pet Sun right now at this very moment. They are the lively bunch you’d want to bum around with during downtime on their current show streak, much like how video director Scott Waring must have felt. Fresh off a stint supporting Black Lips, Pet Sun are rolling through CMJ Music Marathon as we speak.