AMARA, formerly known as Viola Ellis, is a Los Angeles-based haunting new sadcore star fans of Banks and Lana Del Rey will go gaga for.

“True Romance” comes from her debut EP Kaolin, which will be released August 1. Over the course of the year, AMARA plans to release her debut album Porcelain as a trio of three-track EPs, so watch this space for more of the eerily beautiful music AMARA creates.

Along with the creation of nostalgic and beautifully morbid tunes, AMARA is a sorcerous songwriter who creates dark and humble songs that feel woven from your inner demons. “True Romance” gifts a tune to be your new favorite song, perfect for those who find the film starring Patricia Arquette to be their favorite movie. “I think I loved you from the start…” AMARA purrs, a gut-wrenching experience of love, that despite the tears that accompany, we’d all be so lucky to experience.

Listen to “True Romance” below.