NEWS ROUNDUP: Music In Space, Prophets Of Rage, & The Strokes

space music

  • Coming Soon: Music In Space?

    It’s been a busy month for Jack White. After being named to Nashville’s new Council On Gender Equity, he and Third Man Records are planning to put a record player into the cosmos to be the first to play one in space. Their choice for the mission, which will take place tomorrow, is Carl Sagan’s A Glorious Dawn. I’m still not entirely sure if this is all a joke, but  I do want to know: are aliens more into vinyl, or cassettes?

  • Watch Prophets Of Rage On Jimmy Kimmel

    The supergroup contains Rage Against The Machine members Tim Comerford, Tom Morello and Brad Will, as well as Chuck D and DJ Lord from Public Enemy and B-Real from Cypress Hill. For their TV debut, they played “Killing In The Name Of” in front of a “Make America Rage Again” banner as the crowd moshed. The protest band’s performance comes soon after they played in Cleveland, in stark contrast to the RNC events taking place there. Watch them play “Killing In The Name Of” below:

  • Watch The Strokes On Jimmy Kimmel, Too

    On Tuesday, the NYC rock group played “Threat Of Joy,” with Julian Casablancas stumbling endearingly and almost making the whole performance without taking his sunglasses off. The song is from their new EP, Present Future Past, out now via Cult Records. Check the performance out below: