PLAYING CINCY: Princess Tiana Keeps Moving After Release of “Going Places”

Cincinnati’s princess of pop, Princess Tiana, dropped off her Going Places LP, following up the project’s previously released singles “Fallback” and “Trip.” The sugary-sweet 7-track record plays up Tiana’s vocal range over danceable beats.

Going Places is Tiana’s debut album and follows up her 2017 Believe It EP and her remixed version of Ella Mai’s “Shot Clock,” released a few months ago.

“It feels great to finally accomplish my first project,” she tells AudioFemme. “It was a learning experience on what to do for the next project! Definitely motivated me to work harder. But overall, I’m happy and relaxed and very appreciative of everyone that supported me.”

Princess T gets the ball rolling from the first song of the LP, “Ewyw,” then carries her pop-laden energy throughout its entirety, with the help of futuristic beats and features from My Name Is Zi and 3LetterzNUK. The second track,”Creepin’,” stands out as Tiana changes things up, experimenting with some old-school Rihanna vibes. She gets into her sexy bag over the hard-hitting, yet sultry, Ncognito beat, singing, “I want you to meet me in the hotel lobby / Don’t tell nobody/ Tonight we’re getting sloppy/ I promise not to make a sound / The way you push up on me got me aroused /And I’m liking what you liking, watch me throw it around.” Around the 1:30 mark, rapper My Name Is Zi cuts in to lay down his bars. “You told me that you was a rider / Get in the back of the slider / The way that you hittin’ them notes / I thought that you was Mariah,” he spits.

“Night Time” returns to undeniable pop, with an assist from rapper 3LetterzNUK. The song flows for easy listening and summer-y vibes. Previously released “Fallback” and “Trip” remain album strong points due to their infectiously catchy hooks.

On “Good Times,” Tiana keeps things light and upbeat. The album closes on another highlight, “No Worries,” which boasts a strong hook and an electronic beat that compliments Princess T’s high-ranging vocals.

With the album and four accompanying visuals out, Tiana is already back at work recording her sophomore project.

“I actually went ahead and moved on to the next project that I’m working with Ncognito on, and just marketing Going Places while I work silently on what’s new,” she says.

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PLAYING CINCY: Princess Tiana Remixes Ella Mai’s “Shot Clock” in New Video

Photo by Kayla Rogers

Princess Tiana solidified her place in Cincinnati’s music scene earlier this year with her single “Trip.” Since then, she’s been dropping videos to tease her next release, a full-length project titled Going Places. The seven-track album follows 2017 EP Believe It, and although it took her two years to prepare and it’s been a long road, she’s very excited to release it this spring.

“Every song is fun,” Cincy’s pop princess told Donuts n Akahol in a recent interview. “It’ll make you wanna roll the windows down [and] pop the top back!” Her latest offering is a sassy remix of Ella Mai’s addictive single, “Shot Clock,” which Mai released late last year.

Directed by Dre Shot This, Tiana maintains the basketball theme in her new music video for the single but puts her own spin on it, showing off impressive choreography and her signature vocal versatility.

Princess T wrote in an Instagram post that the remix is the perfect way “to welcome [Ella Mai],” who arrives in Cincinnati Wednesday (May 1) for her sold out show at Bogart’s.

The new CJ Knowles-produced beat breathes fresh life into the song and lets Tiana’s vocals shine. She keeps Mai’s attitude in her lyrics, but gives her man a little more time to meet her needs. Contrasting with Ella’s deep soulful tones, Princess Tiana plays up her high-pitched vocal range, complimenting the new beat. “You better rush, pick it on up, come and brighten my mood / Shot clock / Twenty-four seconds, maybe one minute ’till I change my mind,” she sings.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the soon-to-be-released Going Places, and until then, enjoy Tiana’s spiced up version of Ella Mai’s “Shot Clock.”

Princess Tiana Shot Clock
Princess Tiana / Photos by Kayla Rogers