14 Live Performances By Cincinnati Musicians You Can Stream This Week


COVID-19 social distancing efforts have put a lasting hold on local music events, adding a financial strain on the musicians that depend on live shows as a main source of income. Although we can’t huddle in local venues for live shows right now, we can still experience the sense of community that local music brings by supporting artists virtually.

Below is a compiled list of a handful of online performances by Cincinnati-area artists going down this week. Many of them are available to view for free on Facebook Live or on the Queen City-based music site, Cincy Music. Below, find a variety of acts – ranging from folk to hip hop – for your Cincinnati music-viewing pleasure.

Wednesday (April 1)

Thursday (April 2)

Friday (April 3)

  • Cincy Groove Music Festival: David Gans at 6 pm (EST), Tim Easton at 6:30 pm (EST), Noah Smith at 7 pm (EST), Scott Risner from Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle at 7:30 pm (EST), Steven Gregory at 8 pm (EST), Shiny and the Spoon at 9 pm (EST), and Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle’s Casey Campbell at 9:30 pm (EST), with more artists to be announced, via CincyMusic LIVE
  • Dreampop band MultiMagic at 2 pm (EST) via CincyMusic LIVE
  • Katie Pritchard at 7 pm (EST) via Facebook Live

Saturday (April 4)

  • Cincy Groove Music Festival: Lauren Schloemer at 6 pm (EST), Jim Pelz at 6:30 pm (EST), Scott Carnder at 7 pm (EST), Chelsea Ford and The Trouble at 7:30 (EST), Ed McGee Music at 8 pm (EST), Mike Oberst of The Trillers at 8:30 pm (EST), Jeremy Francis at 9 pm (EST), Veronica Grim at 9:30 (EST), Ben Lavin at 10 pm (EST), and Kelly Thomas and Jeremy Smart at 10:30 pm (EST), with more artists to be announced, via  CincyMusic LIVE
  • Soul singer Jess Lamb at 7 pm (EST) via CincyMusic LIVE
  • Rapper AP Counterfeit at 9 pm (EST) via CincyMusic LIVE
  • Synth-pop duo Malibu Wild at 7:30 pm (EST) via CincyMusic LIVE

Sunday (April 5)

  • Electronic-jazz DJ Danbient at 6 pm (EST) via CincyMusic LIVE
  • Cincy Groove Music Festival: Shawn Patrick Bracken Music at 6 pm (EST), Matt Baumann Music at 6:30 pm (EST), Chicago Farmer at 7 pm (EST), Edward David Anderson at 7:30 pm (EST), Joe Wunderle at 8 pm (EST), and Joe Marcheret at 8:30 pm (EST), with more artists to be announced, via CincyMusic LIVE

Monday (April 6)

Tuesday (April 7)