PLAYING CINCY: Indie Rock Trio Strobobean Drop Two New Singles Ahead Of Tour

Playing Cincinnati
Strobobean Ghost

Late last month, Strobobean released two new hauntingly beautiful singles, “Ghost” and “Walking Alone,” ahead of their fall tour. The Cincinnati shoegaze post-rock trio is fronted by Pop Empire‘s Katrina Eresman and Jake Langknech and Soften‘s Brianna Kelly. Their debut 4-track EP, Winter, arrived this past May.

“I’m excited about our new tracks because they feel more mature and more intentional than the recordings on the Winter EP, which we did ourselves for demoing purposes, but then liked them enough to release them,” Katrina tells AudioFemme. “I like those still, but in the case of the two tracks, ‘Walking Alone’ and ‘Ghost,’ we had more experience playing together and maybe more confidence and style going into it. Plus, we had our talented friend Henry Wilson do the recording for us, which let us relax into the songs and the parts rather than worry about things like mic placement.”

Anchored by iridescent guitar patterns and hypnotic vocals, “Ghost” and “Walking Alone” can be streamed digitally and are available as a split cassette tape with Cleveland surf band Forager. With their first year behind them and their debut EP and two new singles out, Strobobean hits the road this October.

“Making this single reminded me how much I like the recording process, and how transformative it can be to a song,” says Katrina. “‘Walking Alone’ was the very first song I wrote for this project, and it became my least favorite to play. But when we workshopped it for the recording we ended up tweaking a few small things, like how it starts and how the guitar sounds, and made some slight adjustments to the arrangement, and now I love it again.”

“I think the two songs pair well together, too, which is nice, like a little soundtrack to a campy spy movie,” she adds.

Check out Strobobean’s current tour schedule – with more stops being added soon – below.


10/30 – St. Louis
10/31 – Lawrence, KS
11/1 – Sioux Falls, SD
11/2 – Minneapolis, MN
11/4 – Chicago. IL
11/8 – Birmingham, AL
11/9 – New Orleans, LA
11/19 – Louisville, KY
11/20 – Yellow Springs, OH

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