todd terje

It’s not that Todd Terje’s “Inspector Norse” is something from the untouched realm of electronic music; it’s just that it’s impossible to resist.  Fresh off of the Norwegian artist’s latest release: It’s Album Time, Norse is a true dance hit.  The song is essentially a glorified loop, rolling along and picking up more effects with each rotation.  It’s a track that would do well in Paris circa 1998, with its chirping beats and minimalist breakdown towards the song’s end, which picks back up for one last disco spasm.

Terje certainly has a sense of humor, made apparent by the song’s music video that features a mustached dork (Terje himself) dancing through the mundane duties of everyday life.  Near the beginning, the video’s prancing hero narrates: “there are certain types of electronic music that give me the urge to dance, and I feel I have to dance when I hear it.”  So dance he does.  Through the grocery store, the arcade, the bowling alley, the neighborhood, you name it.  I can’t think of a more universal feeling than fighting the urge to cut a rug at the sound of certain tunes.  In fact, I may be doing so right this moment



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