Four / Four

Bio/Artist Statement

four/four is a presenting entity, emerging from the pandemic as a platform to connect dancers and musical artists around the world for collaborations, allowing for opportunities to showcase pre-existing work. We hope to bridge the gap between the dance and music-going audiences, and thus create a new network to align the two.
4/4 Presents’ inaugural performance series is called “TETHERED” – a video series linking renowned musicians and dancers from across the globe for collaborations in the age of COVID-19. This content examines how the limitations of isolation inform the ways artists connect and make work, empowering them with a performance platform and expanding their reach.

Project Description

We are looking forward to continuing creating opportunities for collaborations between dancers and musicians. We hope to develop these experiences further by allowing time and (digital) space for dancers and musicians to come together and create new work.  We hope to bring these collaborations to a live audience in the near future.