Upcoming Events

Sounds Good Studio is inviting you to the launch of their new art, music, and technology platform, Artist Partner.

The event will feature works from Indiana-based, multidisciplinary artist Jeron Braxton, who produces music, animation, video games, and Augment Reality applications. Jeron plays with the collision of disparate cultures that stem from his ethnic background and searches for ways to create work around feelings like love that unite all cultures.

At the launch of Artist Partner, Jeron will premier his latest animated short film “Glucose,” followed by a live performance. The event will also showcase some of his custom work, including his visual art pieces, an augmented experience, and an independent video game.

Artist Partner was created a group of friends who are active in the art and music industry around the world who wanted to make something that is simultaneously fun and meaningful. They founded Artist Partner in Beijing, China in October 2015, and the project centers on music and cutting-edge art including paintings, installations, and creative technology.

Artist Partner has been launched in different cities throughout the world in order to stimulate the development of emerging music and art, promoting a cultural exchange between different global scenes.

Join them for this free event, including free drinks on Aug. 13th from 7 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at Open Gallery Space on 355A Bowery.