PLAYING CINCY: Sarai The Artist Makes Impressive Debut With “No More Humble”

Playing Cincinnati

Sarai The Artist didn’t come to play on her new album, No More Humble. Showcasing a diverse range from slowed-down vibey R&B-tinged singles to spitting ferociously at an intimidating energy and pace, Sarai debuts as a Cincinnati rapper with serious skills. She previously teased the album’s release with No More Humble singles, “Switch Up” and “Normally” in 2018. Now, with the entire project out, Sarai makes her full first impression.

Although a fierce introduction from a new artist demanding to be taken seriously, No More Humble was born of more somber inspirations.

“This album came from a place of darkness, growth, but also triumph,” says Sarai. “It’s my message to the world that I [am] no longer doubting myself or selling myself short. Everything I’ve gone through has made me into the artist I am today. I lost a relationship and had to bury five family members in 2017. I was lost, but music helped me find my way.”

No More Humble hardly sounds like a debut, with Sarai’s lyrical dexterity and the project’s overall fluidity. The album starts strong with “Snapped,” a fast-paced intro where she can flex her rapid verbal flow and give listeners a reason to understand the LP’s title. Sarai transitions to “Amen,” a standout track, where she makes a flute-driven beat sound hard.

She gets more in her feelings later on in the 8-track album, exploring relationships in “2 Ways” and “To Be Loved” and reverberating struggle in the Great Wu-assisted “Normally” and “Neva Lost.”

Sarai The Artist / Photo by Andre Whaley

Besides making an impressive introduction into the Cincinnati hip hop scene, Sarai uses No More Humble to make a point about grief and hardship. She’s only been making music for about a year, but found solace in hard times through her creation and hopes her album will help others in similar situations see the same light.

“My goal is to encourage others that it’s very possible to turn something dark into a beautiful situation. Stay the course and the work will pay off.”

Check out Sarai The Artist’s debut album No More Humble above and catch her performing for Industry Night at PRVLGD Nightclub April 12.