Bri Mari Drops “Lost With You” Video Ahead Of Debut EP

Playing Cincinnati
Lost with you
Lost with you
Photo Credit: William Jones

Bri Mari goes all in for her new “Lost With You” visual. The Cincinnati-bred songstress dials up her sultry verses, as she and her love interest find some alone time during a house party. Bri’s sound is dazzlingly reminiscent of R&B’s golden era, as she wields her far-reaching vocal range to lather up passionately romantic lyrics. In “Lost With You,” which was initially released as a single last year, the R&B upstart professes her loyalty and asks that her man do the same.

“We could talk for hours at a time/ Laying there just gazing at the sky/ We’d be the greatest story you and I,” she croons. “I’m feeling you and it ain’t hard to tell / I just wanna get lost with you.”

Helmed by Dre Shot This, the song’s visual plays off the duality of Bri’s lyrics. In some scenes, she’s seen laughing and flirting with her lover, whereas in others, the couple is distant and cold-shouldered.

“I had someone I was talking to and we vibed really well and I just felt like he was slipping away and I didn’t want him to at the time,” she tells AudioFemme about her inspiration for the record. “It was a reflection of the good times, and then how people can kind of switch up on you out of nowhere.”

“Lost With You” follows Bri’s two other 2019 singles, “I’m Yours” and “Drinking.” In “I’m Yours,” she professes her love with feathery vocals over a pulsing acoustic instrumental, while “Drinking” serves up a liquor-fueled breakup anthem. Later this year, Bri plans to follow-up all three songs with her debut EP.

“I’m really looking forward to when that project will be done,” she says. “I’m aiming for mid to late-summer.”

Watch Bri Mari’s “Lost With You” video below and stay tuned for more details on her forthcoming debut EP. Also, find the clip’s behind the scenes footage on her YouTube page.

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