New Music Mondays


You need to know Kamau. His Gorgeous Fortune EP, which found its way to this writer’s ears by way of a dinner party and was subsequently obsessively streamed with a fervor not personally manifested since Lemonade, is a must-listen. One of the album’s merrier singles, “BooDha,” worships a girl that can do both, she’s got the booty of a goddess and a mind of a Buddha. In the video, which dropped today on VIBE, we’re enchanted by the talents of a mesmerizing gymnast, and yes, there are awesome booty shots. Yet not to dismiss the power of the butt, which is insurmountable, don’t pigeonhole Kamau as an artist who solely makes songs about women’s bodies, Gorgeous Fortune is both a beautiful work of art and a brilliant manifesto on the state of the world in 2016, with especially notable commentary on the evil the police force has shown towards Black lives. There are also some songs that are perfect for dancing in circles under the full moon, my witches. Listen to “BooDha” below and head over to Tidal to steam the EP in its entirety.