Since Audiofemme was conceived, it has been our goal to showcase the music writing of women and non-binary journalists in an industry still dominated by male critique. We do this not only by celebrating and nurturing women and non-binary writers, but by evaluating music culture from an intersectional feminist perspective, as well as by making space for non-traditional forms of music journalism.

  • Marianne White

    Executive Director

    Marianne White is the founder and director of Audiofemme. Catch her if you can.

  • Lindsey Rhoades

    Editor In Chief

    Lindsey Rhoades is the founding Editor-In-Chief of AudioFemme. She has written for The Village Voice, Stereogum, Brooklyn Magazine, Impose, Complex, and others. You can often find her playing pinball in local dive bars and laundromats around Brooklyn.

  • Mandy Brownholtz

    Marketing Director

    Mandy Brownholtz is a writer based in Queens, NY, and the author of the novel Rotten.

  • Michelle Kirby

    Web Design + Dev

  • Alexa Peters

    Playing Seattle

    Alexa Peters is a freelance writer living in Seattle, WA. She has written about music, travel, and lifestyle for The Seattle Times, The Washington Post, No Depression, Paste, Seattle Magazine, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, and Fretboard Journal. When she’s not writing, she likes crate-digging for vinyl, talking to dogs, and eating Thai food.

  • Sophia Vaccaro

    Playing The Bay

    Sophia Vaccaro writes fantasy books for teens and annoys her roommate Sam by playing punk music really loudly while making eggs. Occasionally she can be found annoying her roommate Sam by playing punk music really softly.

  • Cillea Houghton

    Playing Nashville

    A proud native of Cape Cod, MA, Cillea is currently a freelance writer based in Nashville. In between covering all aspects of country music and the Nashville community, she tries to find time to pursue her many passions.

  • Victoria Moorwood

    Playing Cincinnati

    Victoria is a hip hop head, pizza lover and music journalist based in Cincinnati. Follow her on Twitter for more interviews at @vic_land.

  • Amanda Silberling

    Playing Philly

    Amanda Silberling is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker with work appearing at NPR, Hyperallergic, Kotaku, Consequence of Sound, She Shreds Magazine, and others. Her documentary “We’re Here, We’re Present: Women in Punk” premiered online at VICE and screened at Cineteca Madrid as part of the Mujeres Hechas de Punk festival.

  • Tarra Thiessen

    Check The Spreadsheet

    Touring musician, writer & hot sauce lover.

  • Natalie Kirch

    Pet Politics

    Natalie Kirch is a native New Yorker, musician, cat mom, visual artist, writer, history nerd, Duolingo addict, food lover, and early childhood educator.

  • Ashley Prillaman

    Featured Contributor

    Ashley Prillaman is a writer living in Los Angeles, California. When she's not getting punched in the neck by a toddler, you can find her walking her dogs, listening to This American Life, or chowing down on street tacos. Follow @AshleyPrillaman on Twitter & Instagram for kid pics, memes, and portrait shots of garden gnomes.

  • Suzannah Weiss

    Featured Contributor

    Suzannah Weiss is a freelance writer focused on feminism, sex, and psychonautics. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, and more. When she's not doing that, she's giving psychic readings, leading cacao ceremonies, and exploring consciousness however she can without getting into too much trouble. She resides in Santa Monica, CA.

  • Madison Bloom

    Featured Contributor

    Madison grew up in a podunk lumber town in Western Washington, about an hour and a half North of Seattle. She moved to New York in 2008, after settling the debate between studying journalism or fashion design. She chose the latter. Some years, three countries, one degree, and several jobs later, she decided to return to her love of writing, particularly the music-centric kind. She does occasionally miss wearing herself thin for sycophantic high-fashion tycoons, but- Oh wait. No. No she does not.

  • Michelle Rose

    Featured Contributor

    Michelle Rose is a Brooklyn based musician, writer, and cultural curator. Her music has been featured on Comedy Central's Broad City, Billboard, Kitsuné, Vice, and OUT. She enjoys trips to Dollywood, Spending time in The Hudson Valley, and has a dark sense of humor.