#NEWMUSICMONDAY: Cordelia & The Buffalo “7th Sea”

New Music Mondays

Cordelia Vizcaino

This week’s New Music Monday features the single “7th Sea” from “tribal fusion” stars Cordelia & The Buffalo. Lead by Mexican-American front woman and vocalist Cordelia Vizcaino, the infectious single “7th Sea” features dance-ready electronic beats and exceptional vocals. One listen and you’ll understand why the song served as the official anthem for the 2015 Copa America international soccer tournament,.

Vizcaino was born and raised in Houston, and according to a press release, summons her muse from native Mexican tribes of her homeland, as well as others. There’s a variety of cultures to celebrate, her band, aka the Buffalo, is made up of Rodrigo Gramitto (guitar), Diego Diaz (drums), Dan McCallum (bass), Dag Hanken (percussion), and herself (vocals, percussion, and synths/keyboard). The six members hail from Mexico, Japan, Norway, Alaska, and Venezuela, birthing a truly eclectic listening experience.

Popping with goddess-ready clothing and makeup to match the intensity of the music, at first glance the video for the track is obviously a masterpiece in costume design, but according to Vizcaino, there’s even more to it than what meets the eye, a chakra-inspired journey of manifesting freedom.

From the band’s press release:

“Each color represents the different stages and sensations one has to go through to let go of the past and make way for a greater purpose,” Vizcaino explains. “It’s like being in a long distance relationship with your past and future. The White shadows portray the past that still craves to manifest itself. The Orange phase represents the present yearning for a future that feels far from reach. Finally, the Green phase is the prosperous “grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side” future that we all work to attain, and the full identity of my tribal Mexican heritage that inspires my work everyday. This is all meant to motivate people to bloom from their own Green phase into who they want to become.”

Watch for yourself below.