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Music journalist and poet who once had a dream she was the sixth member of The Strokes. Lover of Kaufman films, light wash denim, and perfectly cooked bacon. Marginally serious tweets @YsabellaMonton.

LIVE REVIEW: The Griswolds @ Warsaw

  Tim John of The Griswolds When Australian indie-pop quartet The Griswolds took the stage to Shania Twain's "Man, I Feel Like A Woman," I knew we'd be in for a fun night. Opening with high-energy tracks like "Down and Out" and "If You Wanna Stay," they set the stage for a high-energy performance. [...]

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TRACK REVIEW: Kikagaku Moyo “Kogarashi”

Japanese ensemble Kikagaku Moyo have released a new single "Kogarashi" leading up up to their record House In The Tall Grass. In the new track, the band takes a more idyllic approach in production without straying far from their psychotropic sound.  Swirling harmonies soften up the disciplined rhythm.   "Kogarashi" showcases the band's ability to blend the natural wo rld [...]

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Photo by Will Oliver, weallwantsomeone.org The dimly-lit green room at Music Hall of Williamsburg smells of cigarettes, but in an unassuming way, perhaps because Chris Chu of POP ETC kindly apologizes to my plus one, Caroline, and I in advance.  I hardly noticed what he meant once we got up there, and no one [...]

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Berkeley-born and Brooklyn-based trio POP ETC are back with Souvenir, a follow up to 2012's eponymous release. In the last three years, the band has traversed in an even poppier direction, almost a little cheesy. But in a time when "pop" is considered an obscenity, a genre to be left for the tweens, POP ETC makes something shimmer [...]

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Monogold “Pink Lemonade”

The boys of Monogold are in with the perfect fuel for that little dance party we all find ourselves needing this week, a new pop culture-infused music video for "Pink Lemonade." The sugar-sweet single was released this past summer ahead of the September release of their album Good Heavens, which bears little resemblance to the trio's previous synth-infused records. [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Honduras @ The Knitting Factory

Minutes before the band gets on stage, I watch the crowd come together. For some reason at Knitting Factory, it's always a mix of people you wouldn't imagine listening to the artists playing that night, trickling in from the bar or stumbling upon a cheap show with nothing else to do. Brooklyn's own Honduras took the stage, only a [...]

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