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Michelle Rose is a Brooklyn based musician, writer, and cultural curator. Her music has been featured on Comedy Central's Broad City, Billboard, Kitsuné, Vice, and OUT. She enjoys Dollywood, The Hudson Valley, and dark humor.

INTERVIEW: Tanners Shares “Fumes” and Discusses Her Musical Evolution

New Yorik-based Tanner Peterson is the cowgirl prom queen the LGBT music scene has been waiting to experience. A Tennessee transplant, she’s had a diverse and international upbringing, spanning from Switzerland to Chattanooga (a moderately liberal artistic college town). She’s a dynamic, authentic artist, with an uninhibited curiosity and self-aware demeanor. In a dream sequence [...]

By |2019-06-21T17:52:29-04:00June 21st, 2019|FEATURES, Interviews|

WOMAN OF INTEREST: Meet Sustainable Couture Fashion Designer Mia Vesper

Mia Vesper is a New York based designer, creating sustainable couture fashion with a unique drive and collaborative ethos. With a studio space in the heart of Bushwick, Vesper’s aesthetic transcends counter cultures - think Debbie Harry meets Marie Antoinette. Her brand defines a world of romance, athleticism, and will leave you in a state [...]

By |2019-04-09T19:31:13-04:00April 8th, 2019|FEATURES, Woman of Interest|

INTERVIEW: I.L.Y. On Debut Single “Unlie Your Lies”

Ana Carolina, soon to be known by her artist moniker I.L.Y., moved to New York City a little over two months ago, and has hit the ground running. The 25-year old Brazilian native left behind her marriage and career as a technical training coach for an Olympic athlete to pursue her true passion - music. [...]

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