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A musician and writer from Texas, Elizabeth Wakefield is a current resident of Brooklyn, NY and plays in local bands Fruit and Flowers and Gesserit.

WOMAN OF INTEREST: Laura Powers of BRUCE Fine Jewelry

Photo by Serichai Traipoom New York City jewelry designer Laura Powers launched her fine jewelry line BRUCE earlier this year with its first collection, “Multitudes.” She is a self-taught jeweler and designer whose minimalist body of work mirrors the dynamic contradictions of nature. I met Laura in the spring at my former local haunt, Roebling Tea [...]

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ALBUM PREMIERE: Galleriet “Romantic Gestures”

Photo by Evans Vestal Ward  Katharina Stenbeck is a prolific Swedish artist who creates thought-provoking electronic music as Galleriet, a solo project she launched in the spring of this year. Stenbeck's impressive DIY approach led her to self-engineer and produce her debut album Romantic Gestures, premiering today on Audiofemme. The record is informed by Stenbeck's varied [...]

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Photo by Nothing Matters Stalwarts of NYC’s DIY scene, experimental noise punk band Weeping Icon released their debut EP Eyeball Under on Kanine/Fire Talk Records in July. Thematically, the record touches on hard-hitting topics like street harassment, religion, anxiety, sexism and secrets in "safe places" like the doctor’s office, as well as anger [...]

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INTERVIEW: Sharkmuffin Flashes Fangs in “Factory”

Left to Right: Chris Nunez, Natalie Kirch, Drew Adler, Tarra Thiessen. Photo by Thomas Ignatius. Sharkmuffin have been rocking Brooklyn and beyond for five years now, and plan to commemorate their anniversary with the release of a split EP with their buds The Off White via Little Dickman Records on July 21. Earlier this year, [...]

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Album art by Jon Campolo Pill gives us strength as we come to terms with chaos in the premiere of “Side Eye,” a single from their upcoming EP entitled Aggressive Advertising. Due to be released on June 30, they are following up their 2016 debut LP Convenience with a second release on Dull [...]

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INTERVIEW: Spowder Summons the Spirit of Rock with Health Palm

Health Palm on Vinyl, released by State Champion Records Like many a band to come out of New Jersey's unofficial rock capital, New Brunswick swamp rockers Spowder have a wild and passionate energy and melodies that appeal to punkish tendencies. They display a chaotic authenticity in their live performance that lights a fire [...]

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Photo by Tanya Zhenya Posternak Rose Blanshei's powerful lyricism and storytelling is a clean-cutting weapon in rock project Prima. She has been kicking around concepts for the last couple of years in collaboration with drummer Butch Merigoni and guitarist Jessica Ackerley, and their raw and vulnerable work is finally available for the world to [...]

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Photo by Megan Mack Brooklyn-based Rene Kladzyk is Ziemba, a powerhouse of creative genius and freedom. She creates powerful music, visceral music videos, and experiments with fragrances in her performance and digital releases. She aims to transcend yet accentuate the human experience and our senses. Her work is honest, inspiring, and uplifting and [...]

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