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Touring musician, writer & hot sauce lover.

INTERVIEW: Women That Rock @ Brooklyn Bazaar

Last week on Friday the 13th at Brooklyn Bazaar, Women That Rock put together their first GIG LIKE A GYRL summer extravaganza showcasing women in punk rock & other DIY music scenes, women of color and LGBTQ+ artists & musicians. The stacked lineup included GYMSHORTS, Sharkmuffin, Sister Munch, Monte, Lady Bits, Strange Parts & DJ Jess [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Powersnap “Chemistry”

The only thing I remember from high school chemistry class is making ice cream and how a microwave works. I don’t remember any specific purple substances guarded by emotionless 20-somethings wearing black. Like Powersnap front woman Romi Hanoch, I too would be intrigued and would feel the need to attain said purple substance. Maybe this [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Lost Boy ? “96”

  Davey Jones, the prolific mastermind behind experimental bedroom pop project Lost Boy ?, put out my favorite new summer jam this week! Listening to "96" after scrolling through too many friends' family vacation photos and recovering from an ice cream binge stomach ache succeeded in making me feel less like an apathetic beach sloth. Its [...]

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The moon controls the tides of our oceans, and since humans are about 60% water, it makes sense that the moon could possibly be influencing the tides of our minds. According to some astrologists, the full moon’s influence on your life can last plus or minus five days. It can signify the culmination of a [...]

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SXSW 2018: Rock or Die V with Little Dickman Records

Chris and Amy Dickman of Jersey Shore Indie label Little Dickman Records have been taking good care of bands in Austin for five years now. Their unofficial events showcase badass touring bands from all over the country as well as the bands with releases on their label. We talked to them about how the festival [...]

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I’ve been called a masochist for going to Austin, TX's South By South West festival so many years in a row. SXSW 2018 will be my eighth return trip and this year I’ll be an official artist with all three of my projects - Sharkmuffin, Ex-Girlfriends and Kino Kimino - totaling 17 sets in five [...]

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INTERVIEW: Death Hags Reconnects With Her Untamed Self

Death Hags is the solo project of French singer-songwriter and L.A. Musician Lola G, who last month released her first single "Metal Teeth." It's about "women reclaiming their freedom to be angry, strange, loud and dangerous," and it'll appear on Death Hags' debut LP, slated for release via Burger Records this spring. She'll also be [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK + INTERVIEW: Elli Perry “Without You”

I saw Elli Perry for the first time in 2010 or 2011 (back when Brooklyn seemed to be at the height of its chillwave/synth-pop '80s revival), wailing her lungs out with an acoustic guitar. I was too insecure and intimated to start a band, feeling surrounded by pretentious dudes who only listened to whatever had [...]

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Do you have too many band t-shirts? I have so many that I recently I gave my college bestie, favorite neighbor and Gustaf front woman, Lydia Gammill, about 30 of them to send to her cousin to make into a queen size blanket for me. I still have at least 15 band shirts remaining in [...]

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Caro reads about her next tour date in Rolling Stone. Photo by Jose Berrio While I was dancing around my middle school bedroom screaming into a hairbrush dreaming of my future rock stardom, I had no idea how many spreadsheets and e-mails I would have to send to make it happen. Even after [...]

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