TRACK OF THE WEEK: Ecstatic Union “Neurons”


Neurons are specialized electrically excitable cells that receive, process and transmit nerve impulses. “The neurons that you’re born with are the neurons that you die with,” says the late Terence McKenna sampled in the title track of  Ecstatic Union’s new record. Lyrically, the track explores the intention to fully connect with the energy around us. The information our nerves transmit is constantly in flux, and what we feel is the result of the interaction between these cells and the information our environment feeds them. But if we all construct our own realities, why don’t we construct only joyful experiences? Would we even know what joy is without all the terrible experiences? It’s all connected, man. When it comes to this Los Angeles-based psychedelic party band, it’s best not overthink it. Let “Neurons” captivate and inspire you with its bold declaration to engage in life’s energy as ecstatically and sensually as possible. We’re here now experiencing it either way.

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