TRACK OF THE WEEK: Bizarre Sharks “Tremendous”

In middle school, soon after I started to play guitar, I would go to my friend’s house who was learning to play drums. We would invite a couple people over, order Dominos and proceed to attempt songwriting for about half an hour and then spend the next two hours arguing about what our band name should be. These one-off pizza party bands never recorded anything and we usually just ended up finishing the practice by jamming on whatever Misfits or Nirvana song we had learned that week.

Bizarre Sharks has a similar origin story but have succeeded in creating a real band that sounds exactly like what my middle schooler self dreamed of. “Tremendous” is the first single from their EP, which was written and recorded in only one day by a group of five friends after ordering some pizza. It’s a familiar sounding Pixies-esque pop rock anthem that features Jake Becker (of  El Silver Cabs) and Laura Gwynn (of  Sirs&Madams) on vocals, Mike Seidenfeld (also of El Silver Cabs) on drums, Darrel Dumas (of The Royal They) on guitar and bassist and producer Terry Edelman (of Lost Kingdoms) who recorded, mixed and mastered all the tracks at his Brooklyn basement studio SpaceJam. “Tremendous” is super addicting and has one of those guitar solos that you’ll eventually sing along to. I’ve been playing it on repeat at the pizza place where I currently work throughout this past week and I am so excited for their release show (which may be their only show ever) at Elsewhere on December 8th.

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