Stefan T Premieres Party Anthem “All Night”

“Growing up in Vegas taught me how to throw a good party,” Stefan T says, and his new single “All Night” certainly has the swagger of the strip: lights, dirt, a sideways smile.

From his upcoming album NightShift, due out April 24th, “All Night” is a departure from the album’s previously-released alt-R&B-tinged singles, “Keep Me Guessing” and “One” (featuirng B. Rose) with their sensual lyrics and electronic, glitchy background sounds. “All Night” takes the party out of the bedroom and onto the dance floor.

Stefan T (which stands for Tisminezky), started playing classical guitar at age 10 and graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Electronic Music Production and Sound Design. After moving to Los Angeles, Tisminezky put his music production chops to work, writing music under the moniker The Saint Machine. The music he created was a mutli-layered, fast-paced whirlwind into the future, awash with robotic signatures and lengthy solo synth attacks; it was a cathartic release of energy, stemming partly from Tisminezky’s then-recent sobriety.

Craving to create something with more commercial appeal, Stefan began to play around with chord progressions; “All Night” was a collaboration with his friends Spencer and Levi. They supplied the guitar riffs and Stefan “filled in the rest.” Synths are prominently featured throughout, specifically a Moog Mother 32 and DFAM, as well as a Korg Minilogue. These alien sounds, like vibrations from a time warp, help to raise the nu disco to another world altogether.

Listen to AudioFemme’s exclusive stream of “All Night” below:

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