PLAYING DETROIT: Pretty Ghouls Go Ultra-Goth On New 7″s

“Grab your socks and comb your locks. Let’s go!” instructs Detroit’s delightfully sinful goth-punk trio Pretty Ghouls.Sure, they seem sweet and saccharine at first glance, channeling the likes of The Shangri-las, but it is their muddy, bloody graveyard grit and grime that solidifies the act as a musical exorcism. Vocalist Asia Mock, guitarist Sarah Stawski, and drummer T.J. Ghoul released not one but two 7-inches last week, each offering different views from their respective six feet under.

The first, Dead Man’s Walk, features the tambourine-heavy zombie-parading title track along with b-side “Emergency 666!” – a panicked, hair thrashing Hole-esque call to arms.

And then there’s Teenage Frankenstein. The title track follows suit with their completely unhinged aesthetic, pushing their collective vocal chords to the brink of breaking. Meanwhile, b-side “Creature Feature” is patient, akin to placing a clawed hand on a record to slow its rotation. Sulking and slinking under the sheets and under the skin, Pretty Ghouls prove themselves to be Detroit Goth royalty with these searing new 7-inches.

Raise spirits from the dead and let Pretty Ghouls haunt your record collection by ordering their newest releases here.

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