PLAYING DETROIT: New Band Alert: Foster Muldoon

It started as simple bluegrass jam session and turned into something the band is calling “Michigan Downgrass.” Call it whatever you like, but folk trio Foster Muldoon is just getting started. Although they don’t have any music released, their recent performance at the Hamtramck Music Festival ignited a curiosity that only a twangy, tangy and sweet combo like Foster Muldoon can muster. Making Mumford & Sons seem like a carbon copy of a carbon copy (and a trite one at that), Cameron Lollio (guitar/vocals), Ryan McKeon (banjo), and Abigail Grace (violin) embrace their collective offbeat shrug of traditionalism by infusing R&B tendencies with their melodic wheat-field swagger.

Stay tuned for more from this charismatic, dynamic trio and check out this toe-tapping performance of “Songwriter’s Song” below:

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