PLAYING DETROIT: Ancient Language Share “Until Recently”

There’s something to be said for a track that is suitable for dancing, crying, cutting and running and climaxing. Released earlier this spring, dream-pop trio Ancient Language delivered a well-rounded taste of their forthcoming record with “Until Recently.” Complex, though never overwrought or overthought, “Until Recently” floats, dives and ascends like a time-lapse of a butterfly forming and emerging from its chrysalis (yes, it’s that evocative).

Ancient Language’s brand of drama is not a sullen one – at least not here. It is not bogged down by too many ideas fighting for a spotlight; they prove the weightlessness of letting go by doing just that. Glistening water droplet synths, a saxophone fill that orbits Matthew Beyer’s gravity-defying vocals, perfectly nuanced production and unobtrusive bass paints for us an unassumingly epiphanic moment. It swells, sits and dissipates serving the very purpose I believe Ancient Language set forth to provide – a release and reprieve from Earthly woes.

Ancient Language are slated to play Corktown Strut Saturday, July 1st – find out more info about the Detroit fest here and listen to “Until Recently” below.

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