KatOriginally released as a Limited Edition Double Vinyl Set, TELLUS TOOLS, curated by Taketo Shimada, was intended to be used as a tool for DJ’s to create original mixes of a compilation of works by artists including Nicolas Collins, Kiki Smith, Catherine Jauniaux & Iuke Mori, Joe Jones, Alison Knowles, Louise Lawler, Kohondo Style, Ken Montgomery, Christian Marclay, Isaac Jackson and the Bonus Break Artists.  Since the release of this compilation in 2001, the idea of the mix and the methods in which one creates a remix has drastically evolved.  Harvetsworks, a digital media arts center based in New York, is hosting this competition, and seeks to create a dialogue between DJ’s, electronic producers, and experimental artists.

For this exhibition, artists are asked to create an original remix of the tracks provided that utilizes an innovative mixing method. The creations will be submitted to soundcloud.com/groups/harvestworks-tellus-tools-remix-competition/dropbox by April 3rd 2013. Each creation will be posted publicly and reviewed by the Harvestworks Curatorial Panel. The selected creations will be exhibited in Harvestworksʻ Studio C.

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