VIDEO PREMIERE: PowerSnap “Chemistry”


The only thing I remember from high school chemistry class is making ice cream and how a microwave works. I don’t remember any specific purple substances guarded by emotionless 20-somethings wearing black. Like PowerSnap front woman Romi Hanoch, I too would be intrigued and would feel the need to attain said purple substance. Maybe this purple substance is the essence of PowerSnaps’ punk grunge pop, and once you have a taste it will send your brain into a fuzz-soaked seizure. Formed after two members moved to NYC from Tel Aviv, this new band’s crunchy guitars and grimy vocal hooks will stick to your head like that purple goo would stick to those white walls. PowerSnap new EP ‘Delatency’ out now on King Pizza Records. Watch their new video, written/directed Gal Shaya and Efrat Kariv below…

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