TRACK REVIEW: Team Me “F is for Faker”


After two years of sold out shows and festivals from here to Tokyo, Norwegian indie pop band Team Me are finally returning with some new music. The six-piece group just debuted their new single, “F is for Faker,” a lively track that brings Of Monsters and Men and Imagine Dragons to mind.

The song’s chorus features lead singer/songwriter Marius Drogsås Hagen passionately shouting the line, “You’re one of a kind,” over raucous instrumentals that fuse video game soundtracks with arena rock. Energetic hand claps, dramatic violins, and a backdrop of sparkling electronic effects pepper the rest of the song.

Team Me are currently working on their sophomore album, which is due out sometime this year, and they’ll be returning to the US for a few shows and a stop at SXSW. In the meantime, listen to “F is for Faker” below:

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