Only New York City could have produced DAMEHT.  This is a trio of musical omnivores, and they’ve soaked up influences in new-wave, electronic, top-40 radio, house and classic rock. Even elbows-deep in a dirty punk guitar riff, their songs ooze Michael Jackson-esque, big-stage pop glamour. In a nod to their Hispanic backgrounds, the group injects plenty of salsa and merengue beats into their songs.

Rivington Starchild, Lucas Garzoli and Roman Lewis have been playing together since 2007 as The Mad. DAMEHT, their current project which launched in 2012, is a homage to their previous moniker, only reversed. The trio will release their debut EP called In Perfecto this coming July. It’s hard to talk about DAMEHT without mentioning their high-octane performances, but based on what we’ve seen so far from the new EP–such as the flashy first single “I Love You Too!” and corresponding video, which collages cellphone-filmed footage  crowd-sourced from the grungiest and most impossibly cool underground parties across New York City–much of the group’s energy will translate into studio recording.

DAMEHT’s synth-based new single “The Greek” keeps pace with “I Love You Too!” as a party anthem. Though it doesn’t necessarily possess the same instantaneous catchiness as  the latter–a testament to ILU2’s structural integrity–it still gets our blood pumping, and leaves us stoked for what’s to come next from these dapper gents.

In Perfecto will be out next month, and you can go here to learn more. Listen to “The Greek” below via SoundCloud.

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