Em Boltz


Enchanted Forest began as the solo project of Em Boltz as a trial and error way of making songs with a modular synthesizer. From communal houses in northeast Ohio, a live-in residency at the Silent Barn, to Philadelphia, they’ve played in 11 bands. After a couple releases and a desire to expand sound, the decision to add Noah Jacobson-Caroll to the mix was easy. The members have a lengthy history as musical collaborators, dating back to 2017 when they both joined the dark pop group Corey Flood as guitarists. The two soon found themselves for the greater half of 2019 in a basement jamming, making tape loops, building synth modules, and guitar pedals with no definitive plan. Drawing influence from the likes of Laraaji, Psychic Tv, and Chris & Cosey, Enchanted forest devise their own brand of electronic psyched out sound through zoom jam sessions and e-mail correspondence. Their debut EP “Jacob’s Ladder”, successfully maintains the harrowing yet somehow ethereal aura of their past endeavors. 

Project Description

For years I’ve been intrigued by the world of modular, always unsure of where to start but . With this grant, I intend to loosely remake the beloved Buchla Music Easel with Eurorack modules.