PLAYING CINCY: Oski Isaiah Compiles Show Footage For “Company” Music Video


Fresh off the heels of his F*ck A Job album release, Oski Isaiah drops a new clip for smoothly-served project cut, “Company.” Oski released the 10-track Autumn Jivenchy-produced album this summer, which celebrated the Cincinnati rapper focusing full-time on his music career.

Directed by Dre Shot This, the clip opens up on a signed poster for Oski’s Sept. 6 “F*ck A Show” at Madison Live. The concert celebrated the rapper’s latest album and was filled with lively F*ck A Job performance cuts, along with guest performances from Cincinnati’s Bla’szé and Chris Crooks. Oski also brought out his album collaborators Aziza Love, who is featured in “Anytime,” Jus Clay, who raps in “Business,” and Monty C. Benjamin, who can be heard on “Over.”

The visual goes on to compile footage from the show, from backstage to the jumping crowd, to the For Tha Cribb merch table. With F*ck A Job being one of Oski’s most successful projects to date and with stunning performances from the show’s featured acts, the venue was bursting at the seams with crowd energy and support. As the first visual to drop since the show, the new “Company” clip perfectly reflects the night’s contagious energy.

“It was genuine,” Oski said of the video. “It couldn’t have existed without such good energy from everyone. The crowd included. Everything fell into place.”

Oski Isaiah/ Photo by Dre Shot This

The “Company” video follows previous album visual, “Anytime,” directed by Dre Shot This and CEOPE$O and featuring TRIIIBE‘s Aziza Love. F*ck A Job is Oski’s third album to date and follows his 2018 sophomore record Adventure 2 and 2019 singles “Rent” and “Catch It.”

Check out Oski Isaiah’s latest F*ck A Job clip for “Company” up above and stream the album below.

PLAYING CINCY: Oski Isaiah Enlists the City’s Best to Deliver New LP

F*ck A Job / Company

Oski Isaiah finished out a busy July with the release of his highly-anticipated new album, Fuck A Job. The 10-track LP features assists from Aziza Love on “Anytime,” Monty C. Benjamin on “Over” and Jus Clay on “Business.” Fuck A Job follows up Oski’s 2018 album, Adventure 2, and a compilation music video released just two weeks ago. Filmed by Dre Shot This, the three-part visual bridges Adventure 2 cut, “Mob,” Fuck A Job highlight, “Apply,” and an unreleased track, “Mention Me,” that comes from a mysterious future project.

Fuck A Job is produced completely by Autumn Jivenchy, who provides hard-hitting beats that bring enough energy to match Oski’s lively tempo, yet remain stripped-down enough to let his vocals shine. Oski’s bars take the listener on a journey through hardship and success and shine a light on themes of support and believing in yourself.

“It was rough end of 2018. I feel like I lost everything. I nearly folded,” the Ohio rapper wrote on Instagram. “Having to be strong. Mentally and physically changing. I felt like a failure. It hurt to exist, I didn’t want to. In those moments, at my lowest, I remembered who I am. I started to understand my purpose. I’m here to promote loyalty, prosperity, love and mental health. I’ve done that with all my music.”

After thanking everyone who contributed to his album, he wrote, “I’ve been able to make Fuck A Job my best album yet.”

Listen to the full album below.