spill tab and Tommy Genesis Team Up for High-Speed Single “Indecisive”

Photo Credit: Jade Sadler

LA-based French-Korean artist Claire Chicha, better known as spill tab, sometimes derails during monotonous tasks, or has a hard time choosing between seemingly endless options. But there’s two things she’s sure about: Oatly is the best oat milk, and she needed the perfect collaborator to rap on her latest track, “Indecisive.”

As with previous releases, including recent singles “Anybody Else” and “PISTOLWHIP,” spill tab tapped mononymously-known David Marinelli for production duties; since the two high-school friends reconnected in 2018, Marinelli has been her main collaborator. “We reconnected when I was out in college. I trust him so much with his choices. At this point he knows what I like and what I don’t. It makes things run more smoothly. He is my go-to number one,” she tells Audiofemme.

But “Indecisive” needed something extra. “Marinelli and I started ‘Indecisive’ together. We wanted to make something with dummy fast drums, breakbeat style,” she says. “We had all the sections we wanted but were missing a verse, and I just really wanted someone to rap over it and go hard.” That’s where buzzy Canadian rapper/model/visual artist Tommy Genesis comes in. With Genesis’ sophomore album goldilocks x about to drop and a spill tab’s EP on the way – not to mention each artist’s unabashed individualism – the match made perfect sense.

“I think my team sent the song over to Tommy’s camp and she loved it and was down to hop on it. I’ve been a phat fan of her, so it was a divine match made in heaven,” spill tab says. “She literally went into a studio for one day and cranked out that shit.”

The song starts with spill tab harmonizing to a melodic spacey background, then quickly transitions into a high-speed rhythm with percussion. Racy, raunchy and fast, Genesis drops her rap verse after the first chorus. Spill tab signs off again with “So fucking indecisive/big debates inside my mind/and I don’t wanna fight/aggressive/but you love to test it.”

In October, spill tab is set to headline The Echo before heading out on tour with Gus Dapperton. The dynamic singles spill tab has released thus far are only the beginning for the lifelong music lover, whose parents ran a post-production company together, doing everything from recording orchestras to working on dialogue in film. “I was lucky to have music in my life as a kid. My dad was a jazz musician and my mom still plays,” she says, and she always makes time to listen to her mom play piano and harp, adding, “I love to vibe to her.”

With tons of unfinished fragments still floating in her Notes app, her mother is a reminder of why she brings those notes to life. But spill tab takes a different approach to making music. She says, “I want my music to be like running into a wall.”

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